The Korean art of Tang Soo Do is a combination of physical, mental, and spiritual training.  It is a way of life.  Tang Soo Do focuses on traditional open hand and feet techniques.  Various weapon training also adds variety to our classes.

Physical Training

Physical training begins with balance and stances.  It is never too early or too late to develop and strengthen balance.  From beginning to walk, to learning how to stand on one foot with your eyes closed, it all takes practice.  Physical training starts as a small baby learning to crawl and continues through life until they can walk and then run.  A small child doesn't just stand up and begin to run.  They must take steps and practice, practice, practice. 

Mental Training


Mental training also begins at birth by developing relationships with family, then soon friends and the community.  Personal growth continues with regular training and meditating.  Students will develop self-discipline, relaxation skills, focus, respect and

self-confidence though practice with their peers.

Weapons Training


Weapons are used as an extension of the body.  Training with nunchucks begins shortly after beginning your training.  After mastering the nunchucks, you will move onto other weapons as you learn how to extend yourself and your abilities.

Spiritual Training


Building good character and having an honorable life is something all students of Tang Soo Do strive to achieve.  During class we use many methods, such as story telling, to help develop good character.  Through personal experiences, proverbs and stories about young Yoshi and Master Shifu students learn examples of how to live an honorable life.

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