Why Are Uniforms Important?

DO BOHK (Uniform)

“Do” means way of life of martial arts as Do in Tang Soo Do and “Bohk” means robe or training clothes. This type of do bohk is worn universally in most kinds of martial arts but its origin can be traced to 600 AD in Korea.

The do bohk is not simple training clothing but traditionally has been treated and maintained in special ways as an instrument in achieving the goal of martial arts. Students should exercise care in keeping their do bohk clean and pressed at all times. It is important to give a good impression of our Art.

White, Yellow, Purple, Orange and Blue belt uniforms are plain with the USA flag on the right arm sleeve and the Korean Flag on the left arm. The patches are to be centered on the seam on the shoulder and 1 inch below. Ask your instructor if you are unsure.

Uniforms are to be kept clean at all times and must have all required patches and trim as required by rank. A t-shirt must be worn underneath the uniform. Students testing MUST have a clean white uniform with all patches firmly secured and trim appropriate for their current rank to show respect to themselves and to the Tang Soo Do way of life.

A Way of Life

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