What do we do during class?

WARM UP Warm-up exercises should be practiced by members prior to training in order to prepare the body and mind. An unprepared body could be strained under training exercises. When training is terminated, students should relax themselves with a series of exercises to help them return to a calm and normal state. UPON ENTERING THE DOJANG Students entering should salute the flags and bow to the instructor on the floor as soon as they enter the dojang. This will be done without exception. The student does not have to wait for the instructor to acknowledge the bow if the instructor is busy. STARTING CLASS Students will line up according to rank. The higher ranking will be on the right. The instructor will take a position in the front of the class. The highest ranking member in the class will call the commands: Cha Ryut (attention) Kukgi Bae Rye (solute the flag) Ba Ro (return) Muk Yum (meditation) Ba Ro (return) Sah Bum Nim E Kyung Yet (bow to Instructor) DURING THE CLASS

Proper respect and discipline shall be maintained at all times and Tang Soo Do ritual should be followed in a uniform manner. When the chief instructor of the school or a high ranking guest enters the dojang, the instructor on the floor or highest ranking member in the class should call to attention and have the class bow. After respect has been paid the class should return to training immediately.

When a student comes to class late, he/she should wait until recognized by the instructor, then approach him/her, bow and get permission to join the class. When a student must leave the class, he/she should first receive permission from the instructor.

If a student has to ask the instructor anything, he/she must first raise their hand and wait to be acknowledged. By showing respect to others we will receive respect in return. Having respect for yourself and others is the martial art way of life.

A Way of Life

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