Lessons Learned from Agility Balls

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During our Little Dragons class we teach agility. The students learn how to stay on their feet, move quickly, and focus on a ball that doesn’t bounce in a line. During one of these lessons I gathered the students together and tossed the balls up into the air. Their task was to catch or recover the ball before I could. Then they had to get rid of it like in the game “Hot Potato”. The game only lasts a few minutes but during that time each student learns valuable physical skills.

This particular class Mr. Malcolm took pictures. He showed them to me after class. I saw something very interesting. Each student reacted differently to the game. One protected themselves from getting hit, one turned and ran, one reached for the ball, and one tried to hide. I realized that it is the same with everyone.

How we face challenges in life will often determine the outcome. We can try and protect ourselves hoping that nothing will ever happen. We can run away or hide from the challenge hoping to never have to face it. Or we can face it and even embrace it. Each choice has a consequence. I hope that as we have challenges in our lives we will take a lesson from simple agility balls.

Will you face the challenge or run from it?

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