Life Isn't Always Fair

Once a month or so we have a sparring class where the students can practice putting together the techniques they have learned. This is a fun and controlled way for students to see where they excel and where they can improve. Since the instructors are also in the sparring matches the students have a chance to give back to the instructor what they have been dealt during class. The look of excitement and amazement on a student’s face is unforgettable when they get a point against a black belt. The students begins to feel a sense of accomplishment. All their hard work has paid off. The world seems a little bit brighter.

During one of these sparring classes Max found out that life isn't always fair. He was asked to spar a much bigger and older opponent. On his face was the look that said, “I’m in trouble!” Max had learned to never give up. He faced his opponent, got in some great shots and ended the match learning that he doesn’t need to be intimidated by size.

One can say the match wasn’t fair or that Max should never have been placed in that situation. After all, he could have been seriously injured! Max learned an invaluable lesson that day and we can too. There are times in life when things don't seem to go the way we would like or we were placed in a situation that we never should have had to face. Through the choices of others or as consequences of our own actions we are placed in these kind of situations many times in our lives. We can either step up to the challenge as Max did or we can throw in the towel and yell, “This isn’t fair!” We can choose to learn a positive lesson and continue or we can call foul play and miss the opportunity that has been placed before us.

What will you choose?

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